User information
Real name: Tedmond
Age: 14
Birthday: November 21
Gender: Male
Species: Pony
Residence: Illinois
Other names: Loopa, Loop
Personality: Energetic, friendly, trustworthy, random
Achievement: Best Screwball
Occupation: Wikis!
Friends: White mau5
Ponyo Fan ("well kinda")
Da Nerd
Relationship: LoopBot
Current spin offs: Pilot SpongeBob

Loopa23 is a user who joined in July 7, 2013. He is a rollback and chat mod he has a current chatbot named: LoopBot. He is known for his current spin off, Pilot SpongeBob, as well as his being a brony (his favourite characters are Pinkie Pie and Spike).


  • Pilot SpongeBob - Creator, Director
  • Back in the Day - Helper
  • Loopa23 - Creator

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