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A new guy named Ester is a weresnail and bites Spongebob! Spongebob's acting a little strange...


When Ester bites Spongebob, the captions say "(kissing noise)" for unknown reasons.

When Ester says, "Hello. My name is Ester.", captions record "Hello. My name is Eoster."

In the first showing, the "Ester Weresnail Scene" was longer due to the blood sinking in after he bites him (cut out of reruns).

The first showing of this was rated TV-PG-V, later edited to TV-Y7-FV shortening some scenes (uncut said to air on Nick@Nite Halloween 2010)

It was inspired by a story on Fanfiction.Net.

Scenes Cut From RerunsEdit

SpongeBob getting bitten is left in, however his cut is bleeding.

Patrick showing SpongeBob a gory (but censored with a blur) part of his comic book "Betty: The Weresnail Killer".

Ester's full transformation to a weresnail (edited out because it might be too scary for younger kids, seeing his guts grow and his loud roar louder then the rest).

The scene where SpongeBob becomes a weresnail in the Part II Preview and rips his clothes, giving an extreme zoom-in on his scary teeth (was declared too scary for younger kids, cut preview does not show his scary teeth and blurs his nudity).