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One evening at the Warner Bros. Studio, a team of animators were creating three black, almost dog-like characters named "Yakko", "Wakko", and "Dot". Suddenly, the characters came to life and began brutally screwing the animators. This sort of libidinous behaviour without the use of condoms was deemed unacceptable by the studio heads, and as such The Warner Siblings were placed in the water tower, where they took turns doing each other to keep themselves occupied.

5 years later...

Celebrity psychiatrist Dr. Otto Scratchansniff was in his office attempting to cure Taylor Swift of BBS (Big Beyotch Syndrome) over the phone.

[Talking over other line]

  • Otto: Yes, yes, ve all know zat Vun Direction boy is gay. But zat's still no reason to be such a b -
  • Random Janitor (from outside): HOLY SHIT! THAT'S JUST NASTY!
  • Otto: What the - ? I'll call you back, Taylor.

Otto hung up the phone, walked over to his window, and opened it. There, up on the WB water tower, were The Warner Siblings, who had apparently succeeded in opening the door to their prison. The Warners looked like they hadn't brushed, showered, shaved, or changed clothes in 5 years (probably because they hadn't), but they didn't seem to give two fucks about it - Yakko and Wakko were fapping to the girls in the spectating crowd below while Dot was lifting up her skirt to show all the boys her pink panties.

Otto was so revolted at the sight of such sexual behaviour that he threw up, and his vomit landed right on the head of an Asian tourist below.

  • Tourist: WHAT THE FUCK!!!???
  • Otto: Sorry, my bad!

Unfortunately for Otto, this little incident had caught the 3 little perverts' attention; they rushed over to Otto's office and each kissed him right smack dab on the lips, only Dot took a little more time and seemed to enjoy it more than her brothers did. Wakko actually had to pull her away. Dot blushed and made the "call me" sign to Otto, giggling like a school girl about to get her dream date to the prom.

Otto shook his head in bewilderment and frustration.

  • Otto: Who ze fuck are you little perverts and vut are you doing in my office!?
  • Wakko: This is an office? I thought it was a whorehouse.

Wakko was looking through a porn magazine Otto had left on his desk.

Even more frustrated, Otto took the magazine away and threw it in his desk drawer.

  • Yakko: Allow us to introduce ourselves. I'm Yakko...

Wakko was looking at some girls passing by the room through the peephole in the door, so Yakko spanked him to get his attention.

  • Wakko: Ow! What the fuck, dude? Oh, I'm Wakko.
  • Dot: And I'm Dot, but you can call me anytime.

At this comment, Dot took off her skirt and blouse, leaving only her bra and panties. Then, she rushed toward Dr. Scratchansniff. The doctor ran around the room with Dot chasing him, yelling "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT". Yakko figured he could do something to help, but he was too busy looking through Scratchansniff's porn magazine. Wakko, on the other hand, was too busy being stunned at how sexy his sister looked in panties.

After 30 minutes of being chased by a perverted girl he hardly even knew, Otto called for help via his intercom system.

  • Scratchansniff: NURSE! NURSE!

The door to the office opened and in walked an incredibly sexy nurse with luscious blonde hair, big hazel eyes, and a slender body. Yakko and Wakko's hearts began to pound as they looked lustfully at the nurse.

  • Nurse: Hello, boys.

Yakko and Wakko glanced at each other and immediately started brawling and biting each other over who got to screw the nurse first.

  • Scratchansniff: Nurse, take zese perverts somevere avay from me.
  • Nurse: Yes, your majesty. Come along, boys.

And so the nurse forced the horny, lovestruck Dot to put her clothes back on, took her hand, and led her out the door with Yakko and Wakko following her droolingly.