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SpongeBob: Infection


Production Company
Chum Bucket Productions, Electromation
TV-PG (Savior)
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Supervising Producer

SpongeBob: Infection is a spin-off of the series SpongeBob SquarePants. The show follows SpongeBob and the gang attempting to live in a zombie-infested town. Each episode is 42-46 minutes long. It is also a lot more bloody and violent than most SpongeBob spin-offs, and has had several complaints about its TV-14 rating. Each season contains 13 episodes.

Season 1Edit

Virus - Written by JellyfishJam38Edit


Bikini Atoll is struck by an epidemic and people start to act strangely, while an organization tries to prove that the disease is nothing but a flu. With the help of Sandy's investigation, the gang disprove the skeptics, and realize that their city will never be the same again. The next day, the gang goes into town and find out that everybody has turned into zombies. The gang accepts their fate, but Patrick tells them that if they die, they must die heroes. And so begins the Infection saga! (TV-14-DLSV)

Survivors - Written by JellyfishJam38Edit


While searching frantically for a zombie-free area, the gang find an underground shelter where many surviving Bikini Bottomites are hiding from the zombies. While in there, they learn how to kill a zombie. But a tornado hits Bikini Bottom and the shelter swoops overground. The zombies see it and gradually smash through the metal. When they get in, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Krabs and Squidward use their newfound knowledge of zombie-killing to destroy them, but there are too many, so the survivors begin to get picked off one by one. Will the gang be next? (TV-14-DLV)

Missing - Written by JellyfishJam38Edit


Sandy mysteriously disappears one night, so SpongeBob uses Patrick to extract information from the zombies. All fails, until Patrick finds a wet, terribly-written ransom note inside a dead zombie's mouth. Further investigation of the note states that Sandy has been kidnapped by the zombies, who are willing to make a sacrifice to the "Zombie King". Can the rest of the gang crash the zombies' sick, twisted party, or will it be too late? (TV-14-DLSV)

Savior - Written by Team Seedrian Games 2.0Edit


After rescuing Sandy from the zombie sacrifice, a lobster named Larry offers to take them to a safe-haven. They trust him, especially after being so heroic against the zombies. However, Mr. Krabs doesn't quite trust him, and believes that they are being led into a trap. (TV-PG-DLSV)

Note: The only episode rated TV-PG, and the first episode to not be written by JellyfishJam38.

Unsafe - Written by JellyfishJam38Edit


Upon further exploration of the non-infected zone, the gang find that the surviving citizens from episode 2 live there. But when one of the residents dies in a bloody freak accident, the zombies smell the blood and begin to flock across the so-called safe haven. Larry is bitten and Squidward stays behind to keep him happy before his death, while the rest of the town are stranded in a remote area of the town. Mr. Krabs was right! (TV-14-DLV)

Stranded - Written by Team Seedrian Games 2.0Edit


The mishap with Larry has left the gang stranded in the middle of a kelp jungle. They have to forage with what little supplies that they've got in order to make it through. However, Squidward suddenly gets paranoid of everyone, and fears that they will all perish. The insanity is starting to corrupt the team, as they may lead to their own demise. (TV-14-LSV)

Searching - Written by William LeonardEdit


Squidward has left the camp in the middle of the night, believing that he will find his way out faster alone. SpongeBob tries to get the gang to agree with him that Squidward needs to be found, but everybody else disagrees. SpongeBob then leaves the camp himself to search for Squidward, leaving the rest alone. Suddenly an ambush by a group of zombies breaks the gang up, and they have to find a way to re-unite each other, while also searching for a way to get out of the kelp jungle. (TV-14-DLV)

Hypochondria - Written by William LeonardEdit


The gang have come back together again, but there's a problem. Patrick has been lying on the floor for hours while clutching his arm, claiming that he was infected by a zombie when the gang split up. Sandy examines the arm and says that he is okay, but Patrick says otherwise and refuses to move. Nobody can leave without leaving Patrick behind, so they have to find a way to get him walking again. Can they do that and keep themselves alive at the same time? And is there really some truth to what Patrick says? (TV-14-DLV)

Voracious - Written by SpongeKingEdit


After eating some weird food, Patrick turns on Squidward and prepares to kill him. Sandy studies the food, and reveals that it is a drug that will kill Patrick in 24 hours. The team manages to stop Patrick, knocking him out. Just then the drug takes over him, flinging him into a murderous rage. (TV-14-DLSV)

Dutchman - Written by Spongeyfan77/JellyfishJam38Edit


The hunt for shelter is getting steadily more difficult per second, as the gang find that mainly all potential safe-havens have been inhabited by gangs of rabid zombies. In their desperation, they decide to take shelter in an ancient ship, which they soon discover belongs to the Flying Dutchman, who at first seems rather benign for a ghost, and not much worse than his personality in the original SpongeBob series. However, SpongeBob realizes that the Infection's stress has corrupted him and changed his normal scary pranks into acts of true evil. This fact is confirmed when in a spell of insanity, the gang are tied up and covered with zombie bait, which inevitably attracts zombies. During this long fight, SpongeBob is scratched by a zombie's claws. Could this mean that SpongeBob is soon to join the Infected's ranks? (TV-14-DLSV)

Slayers - Written by Chrisvader1234Edit

SpongeBob has seemingly been infected by a large group of zombies whose sole mission is to find and eat the final survivors of their kind. The gang flees, knowing that if they try to save SpongeBob, they could get captured and infected. While fleeing from the zombies, they encounter a group of survivors known as the Slayers, who are trying to gather an army to resist the zombie forces. But are they friends or do they think the gang is food? (TV-14-DLV)

Vivisection - Written by JellyfishJam38Edit

The gang join the Slayers after proving their worth to them, but for some reason, Mr. Krabs outright refuses to join, and disbands from the gang now that they've "sold their souls to pure evil". The team pass this off as the ravings of a man who's gone feral, but Squidward uncovers a dark secret about them: they are cruelly experimenting on fish to try to find a cure for the zombie virus. However, the rest of the gang have poured their hearts and trust into the work of the Slayers, and again do not believe his words. Because of this, it's not long before the gang, bar Krabs and Squidward, are chained up and made into test subjects. It's up to the two to save the crew, before they end up dead or insane. (TV-14-DLSV)

Chaos - Written by JellyfishJam38 (Season Finale)Edit

On the run from the sadistic Slayers and the bloodthirsty zombies, the crew meet up in the Chum Bucket, where they find a traumatized, mentally ill Sheldon Plankton, who has turned to the good side after losing his family and false power. He joins their group, but the gang now have another responsibility: to control Plankton's mental breakdowns and to stop him from committing suicide. Meanwhile, a prophesy is uncovered that states that complete chaos is about to fall on Bikini Atoll, and that only seven people united can bring light to the darkness. As a zombie army grows nearer, and the Slayers' status begins to be respected among the rubble of Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob and Sandy are tasked to find the seventh person. Who are they? Will they all survive in time for the battle? Was the prophesy a fluke? (TV-14-DLV)

Season 2Edit

The Black Plague - Written by RamDarreEdit

The Black Plague has begun to infect the area. Not only are people being infected, but a new hybrid of zombies has formed. They are stronger and more man hungry. Also, there are kill switches on the plague which make them become zombies, so you never know when someone is infected. Can the gang somehow overcome this awful plague? Is there a cure? Will the gang end because of this? Find out in the episode, "The Black Plague". (TV-14-LSV)

Bon Appetit - Written by JellyfishJam38Edit

Plankton begins to notice strange lumps on his skin, the telltale signs of the Black Plague. But, the weird thing about it is that he has not been immediately infected yet, which should have happened. At the same time as this, another breed of zombie infests Bikini Bottom, the muscular, mutated 'Forsaken', which Plankton could soon be among the ranks of. So what will Plankton become, a Plagued, a Forsaken, or something completely different? (TV-14-LV)


  • JellyfishJam38 - Creator, Writer, Director, Artist, Title Card Creator
  • Team Seedrian Games 2.0 - Writer, Storyboard Artist
  • TheSethMovieChannel - Director and Writer
  • SpongeKing - Writer
  • IHeartSpongeBob - Supervising Producer, Editor
  • William Leonard - Writer, Storyboard Artist
  • ILikeKrabbyPatties - Writer
  • RamDarre- Writer, Plot Creator
  • Buckyfan99- Writer
  • TheSethMovieChannel4 - Producer
  • Seth Stewart - Supervising Director
  • Muchacha Writer

Idea CornerEdit

Write your ideas here. If they are good enough, they will be accepted. Try to make your episode at least four lines long, do not use poor grammar, and please do not add crossovers.

Sandy, Patrick and Plankton stay at The Krusty Krab hiding from the zombies, SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs and Squidward needs to find a Solider name Jessica. Plankton gets infected for no reason. Can they all survive together? or they will be killed by Zombies. Find out in "Code 413" (TV-14-DLSV) Rejected, unclear story, poor grammar, and Plankton's already been infected.

The gang find under dirt a shell. SpongeBob picks it up. To find out it's his own pet, Gary! SpongeBob takes Gary to the surviving vets. By the time the gang go back to check on Gary, The vets are "zombified"! By the zombie snail! Gary is slowly turning remaining fish into zombies by biting them. SpongeBob and Friends must face a hard decision. Let him be,Cure him (which will be extremely hard) or (sadly) kill him. What will SpongeBob do? Undecided, this looks good but I may retool it.

After The Gang founded a Solider named Jessica, Plankton is getting worse. They need to save him before he became a zombie. The Group is seperated once again. with a group of 3. SpongeBob, Sandy and Squidward. Mr. Krabs, Patrick and Jessica must kill all the zombies before midnight. Can Plankton survive? Can The Group survive? Find Out in. "Infected" (TV-14-LV) Rejected; I'll have to say you're getting a lot better, Seth, though. Keep on improving and one day you might get an episode up here.

Spongebob and Patrick walk into the crusty crab there are 3000 dead body's on the floor plankton walks up to the and says "I got the formula." Then runs off from bikini bottom and no one ever sees him again. Sponge and sandy go into mr crabs office to find him dead on the floor they then go and look in the counter and squid ward has turned into a zombie so they run out back to Sandy's house were they sit down with a nice hotdog, not noticing the zombies banging on the door. Rejected: since when was Infection a comedy?

SpongeBob discovers that Sandy got infected with a virus and is slowly turning into numerous Sandys. Meanwhile, Squidward constructs a device that will merge all of these Sandy clones. But, however, Plankton breaks it, and Squidward tries to make a new weapon. Will SpongeBob fix Sandy's condition? Find out in: The Unsightly Error (TV-14-DSV) Rejected: I would accept it otherwise, but it's not really related to the show's main subject.

SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick & Squidward are The last survivors in Bikini Bottom, The rest of the Survivors where killed by Zombies. They need to Get The DNA and Destroy All The Zombies before Midnight. can they all Fight Like a hero and Save The World? or be killed. Find Out in "We Got Company" (TV-MA-L-V) Rejected: they're not the last survivors in Bikini Bottom, plus this seems like a series finale idea.

The Gang Where searching for survivors. and then, all of a sudden.... Patrick was found in The Krusty Krab. he got infected, The Gang had to spilt up into a group of 4. SpongeBob, Sandy, Squidward & Plankton. They Need to find medical supplies for Patrick. Will they find medical supplies for Patrick? or be killed. Find Out in "Danger" (TV-MA-D-L-S-V)


Critical ReceptionEdit

Inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants: The Reality Show. Post what you think of this series here, and don't forget to write your name next to your opinion!

  • I think this show is one of the best shows on the wiki, and that is saying alot, because there are some GREAT shows here. -Suds47
  • This show is awesome, and one of the best I've ever seen (alongside Leader Plankton! and Absorbent Days). -ChrisGriffinXx
  • Definitely better than anything I could do. 10/10. Ponyo Fan (talk) 13:58, July 29, 2013 (UTC)
  • The premise might be rather cliché, but the show makes up for that with great episode plots, quality title cards, and outstanding transcripts. The second season isn't as good as the first, but that's my only complaint. -William Leonard
  • Wow...Definately wow. I have never seen a better show myself since I joined this wiki. Bad-ass title cards? Yep. I love stamps and I'm 22. (talk) 23:05, July 29, 2013 (UTC)
  • Where do I begin? The transcript makes most seem obsolete and the characters make it all the better. The word choice and setup of this very page is amazing, and I think you have a great series going. RamDarre
  • What can I say? Everyone who commented before me took all the words from my mouth! - IHeartSpongeBob
  • This Fanon Show is The Top 1 in The Top 10 Spin Offs!!!!!. - Seth Stewart
  • Extremely great show and, without even argument or discussion, probably the best this wiki has to offer. Wonderful work, Jelly! Keep it up! - MrScience12
  • A very awesome series! It deserves to be featured! Diddy Kong G00b 23:40, September 2, 2013 (UTC)
  • 7/7, one of the best series on the wiki. -Da Nerd
  • It's really entertaining, Well done Jelly :) Spike the Dragon (talk) 18:42, September 6, 2013 (UTC)
  • A great series, where are the new episodes?? Buckyfan99 (talk) 13:26, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Content RatingsEdit

This is an international list of this spin-off's content ratings. This will include ratings from various countries, as well as fan-made ones. Feel free to add your own!

  • ​North America - TV-PG (one episode), TV-14 (most episodes) TV-MA (a few episodes, starting from season three)
  • United Kingdom - 12 (a few episodes), 15 (most episodes), 18 (one episode)
  • Australia - M (some episodes), MA15+ (some episodes)
  • Ireland - 15 (some episodes), 18 (some episodes)
  • Kelp Finger TV - TV-14 (most episodes) TV-MA (a few episodes)
  • Krusty Krab TV - TV-MA (all episodes uncut at 2AM)
  • Nevadabell Ratings - 13 (most episodes, 16 (several episodes), 18 (one episode)


  • This show has an average 9.3 rating on and a 9.0 rating on IMDB.
  • In the first season, all titles are one word long. This practice is soon to be abandoned by the second season, to achieve more variety.
  • Only JellyfishJam38 can write season finales.

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