This is the main page for the list of policies.

Wiki PolicyEdit

  1. Articles must be related to SpongeBob: While it should be a given, there have been problems with this rule in the past. Pages for Category:Crossover Characters are acceptable, but you must include some kind of indication of their relationship to SpongeBob or the fanon. Blocks: 3 Warnings, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 12 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 1 month 3 days, 1 year, Infinite
  2. No Vandalism: It's not funny; it's just crude and rude. You will receive one warning, then a block. If this continues on, the blocks will get longer until you are banned infinitely.
  3. Be Friendly: Don't judge anyone, whether their race, sexuality, style, or anything else. This is supposed to be a great community! Blocks: 1 warning, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, Infinite
  4. Nothing above Spongebob Fanon Wiki:Rating Guidelines. Blocks: 1 warning 1 week 1 month 3 months 1 year Infinite
  5. Don't edit another user's episode/spin-off unless it is stated that you can. This also applies to ending spin-offs run by someone else, even if you have joined the spin-off. You will receive one warning, then a block. The blocks will get longer each offense.
  6. No copying: Please don't copy other people. It confuses the members. Blocks: 1 warning 1 week 3 months 5 months 1 year Infinite
  7. No sockpuppets: Sockpuppets are only allowed for admins to test things out. The sockpuppet and the member using the sockpuppet (if he/she is found) will be blocked infinitely, especially if they used the sockpuppet for vandalism.
  8. No power abuse: You will be blocked for an amount of time decided by the rest of the admin community and have your rights removed if you do this. It is very unlikely you will ever get them back.
  9. Use the preview button: It helps prevent edit conflicts and mistakes.
  10. If you want to abandon a spin-off, please make sure to add the {{Cancelled}} template to the page: That way, readers will know that the show is over and that they can continue it if you so desire.
  11. Any article in the Category:Under Construction category that hasn't been edited in six months will be deleted: This is done to keep the wiki free of unnecessary clutter.
  12. Crossover characters are allowed on this wiki, however, you are not allowed to create articles for them (with the exception of original characters created by you). If you want people to know more about the crossover character, put a link in your episode/spinoff. This is a SpongeBob fan wiki. Any articles that do not have any relation to SpongeBob are considered spam and anybody breaking this rule will receive a warning, then a block.
  13. Just have fun: It's not like a wiki is like being an accountant. Lay back and have fun! We're sure you'll love this community.

Chat PolicyEdit

  1. The profanity filter in chat is not to be abused. It should be used when things slip out, but not purposely abused. Such abusing may result in a kick or temporary ban from chat.
  2. Nothing above PG-13. No, not your definition of PG-13, not the equivalent of PG-13 in your country, we mean the PG-13 in the Ratings Guidelines. Saying "it's July 18" is not an excuse either (unless, in reality, it is July 18 and the 2 allowed hours are being currently allotted).
  3. No power abuse. Kicking/banning a user simply because you disagree with their opinion counts as this, unless the user is trying to be a troll.
    1. Examples of an opinion a user should not be banned for: "I hate Grojband."
    2. An opinion a user should be banned for, as someone with this opinion is only trying to troll: "Limp Bizkit sucks." "Hitler did nothing wrong."
  4. Bullying is wrong. Calling another user a "dumbass," "retard," or "moron," even in a joking matter, counts as this. If something you are saying or talking about is making a user feel uncomfortable, it's best to avoid the topic.
  5. Going around the profanity filter is an instant kick, second time 2-hour ban from chat, then the bans will get longer and longer leading up to infinite.
  6. Links to off-site content with NSFW content (above PG-13) MUST be labeled as such. No exceptions.
  7. Keep talk of religion, politics, homophobia, racism, and other "touchy" subjects to a minimum, as it will only lead to people getting offended, which in turn leads to an argument.
  8. Caps are allowed as long as you don't overuse them.

If you want help, here is a list of administrators/bureaucrats.