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Season 1, Episode unknown
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Survivors is the second episode of SpongeBob: Infection. The plot revolves around the gang searching for a shelter to drop off Mr. Krabs, which proves troublesome, as the initally-welcoming shelter becomes home to arguments, fights, storms, and a very angry zombie horde.

Transcript (unfinished, DO NOT EDIT)Edit

  • (The episode starts with a close-up on Mr. Krabs' closed, baggy eyes. As they open, revealing them to be very bloodshot and sleep-filled, the scene pans out to show him sprawled on the floor in his house, empty bottles of alcohol strewn everywhere. He jerkily gets up, kicking over a bottle of rum as he stumbles.)
  • Mr. Krabs: What the hell happened? I'm not usually too in... inebriated to remember things. (pauses and tries to think) Meh... it probably wasn't important. Well, apart from the fact that there are eighteen empty two-litre b-bottles on the ground. (He shuffles onto a half-tipped over couch, and switches on the television, to see nothing but static, and a faint, muffled noise. A puzzled countenance crosses Mr. Krabs' face as he begins switching channels, each which yields the same result - although the sound gets louder each time.) This is why I shouldn't - (a loud, piercing scream sounds from the TV, along with a faint tearing sound. Mr. Krabs gulps and turns off the TV, beads of sweat forming around his forehead and back. He makes a slightly lopsided dash for his door.) I guess I should stop being so oblivious and find out what re... really happened that n-night. (Just as he makes a movement to push the door open, he lets out a feeble, frightened whimper and starts hyperventilating. He tries to extinguish his fears by repeating a motivational mantra, but just as he begins to speak, his words come out garbled and unintelligible. It seems as if he has finally figured out the true scale of last night's crisis, as he slumps down against his door, in tears.) I remember... they said... an infection... infected... zombies. (Wiping his volcanically pouring eyes, his weight pushes the door open, revealing the yellow, cracked streets of Bikini Bottom. As Mr. Krabs stares at the rubble, his mouth agape, the screen freeze-frames.)
  • (Theme song plays)
  • (After the theme song, the scene cuts to a wide shot of the gang walking out of the Barg 'n' Mart. Squidward is wringing the blood out of his shirt, Patrick is staring blankly into the darkness, and SpongeBob and Sandy are talking to each other.)
  • SpongeBob: I remember the days when we used to play karate, go to the movies and catch jellyfish together... back then, it would never even cross our minds that something like this would happen.
  • Sandy: Those were the days. (she silently sheds a tear) To think this hasn't even been happening for a week, and already our past lives seem further away than ever. I've come from a happy-go-lucky, slightly crazy squirrel, to a bloodstained shell of my former self, all in the course of two days. We're all different people now, and not necessarily better ones.
  • SpongeBob: But you've got something to live for. I don't think the Infection has spread to Texas yet, and you've got a whole family over there. There's a more-than-likely chance that they'll be alive and waiting to meet you again. My family... I haven't heard from them ever since the news broadcast. And, trust me, they contact me bi-daily, if not more than that. I'm just hoping it's because of the resulting power outages rather than... (gulps) anything else.
  • Sandy: While studying the corpse of one of the zombies, I found one of the bugs responsible for the disease crawling around in its skin. It seemed to have been mutated so that it was able to survive in water and dry land. With the rate the virus was eating through Bikini Atoll, I'd say it will reach the US in a few days.
  • SpongeBob: But, how is this virus passed around exactly?
  • Sandy: It's quite similar to something in a zombie film, to the best of my understanding. The zombie's bloodstream is filled with these super-viruses, and when a major wound, especially a bite, is opened on a victim's body by one, some of the viruses are implanted inside the wound, which quickly spread and eat away at the victim's systems, rendering them a mindless, flesh-craving vegetable. (pause) Be glad you have me, my observance will save you.
  • (Squidward puts his shirt, which is no longer dripping, back on, and joins in with the conversation. Patrick is still scanning the scenery for dangers. As Squidward opens his mouth, Patrick quickly and loudly interjects, as he sees two distant zombies chasing a fish.)
  • Patrick: We have two zombies on the right side. I repeat, we have two zombies on the right side!
  • Squidward: Patrick, I don't think you're making it clear that we left our weapons at Barg 'n' Mart. As scrawny and weak as these two look, they could easily make a meal of us.
  • Patrick: They are hot on someone else's trail, which could give us more of a chance.
  • SpongeBob: Forget it, Patrick. Your motivational words are often disproportionate to the situation we're actually in. We've all faced firsthand the difficulty in killing these creatures. Do you really think we can kill two zombies by punching them?
  • Sandy: I'd say our best bet is to stay as far away as possible.
  • Patrick: Do you really want an innocent life to be taken just because you're too cowardly to march up to a zombie and put up a fight?
  • Squidward: It's one innocent life versus four innocent lives.
  • (Patrick grinds his teeth, annoyed by the argument brewing up among the gang. He marches off by himself.)
  • Patrick: Fine, I'm going by myself, you cowards.
  • (As he fades away into the distance, SpongeBob begins to show a look of worry on his face.)
  • SpongeBob: What has Patrick gotten himself into? His newfound optimism is beginning to be... scary in a way.
  • Sandy: I don't know what this epidemic has done to him. He just thinks that he's an unstoppable force that can defeat anything using any means. Remember his speech? That was the first sign. It's no longer if we die, we die as heroes anymore though, it's we won't die.
  • Squidward: If someone's lulling you into a false sense of security, you shouldn't trust them, plain and simple.
  • Sandy: Don't say things like that. It's just that the stress has mentally changed him. We should still trust him to some extent; I just think it's not a good sign that he's gaining this sort of complex, it could soon progress to outright insanity.
  • (The scene cuts to Patrick walking slowly towards the zombies, who are chasing the victim, whose face still hasn't been seen, around in a circle. He begins muttering words to himself.)
  • Patrick: Stupid people... destroying my hopefulness... I'll show them... yeah...
  • (the zombies leave the other fish alone, and chase after him) Come and get it, zombies!
  • (he picks up and throws a rock, which hits one of the zombies' chests, bruising it, but causing no further damage. As the zombies get closer, he continues firing rocks, which prove to be entirely useless. One zombie advances on him, and knocks him to the ground. We see it looming over him from Patrick's point of view, and as the zombie puts his mouth to Patrick's arm, we see a knife emerge from the zombie's chest, along with a splatter of blood. It falls down unconscious, and as the view switches back to third-person, Patrick gets up, to see that the zombies were chasing Mr. Krabs, who has a sweaty and terrified face.)
  • Mr. Krabs: I don't think it's dead.
  • Patrick: Trust me, you'd know if a zombie was dead. It takes a lot more than a single stab.
  • Mr. Krabs: (somewhat garbled and alcohol-wracked) I didn't know that all of this happened... it came as such a surprise. The day it was announced, I must have been drunk off my head. I woke up this morning with a dozen-and-a-half empty bottles in my house and a massive hangover. My TV wasn't working, and there was a weird screaming sound coming from it. I figured that maybe the source was coming from outside, so I followed my natural instincts. Then, zombies. Nothing but zombies. Zombies everywhere. The only weapon I had was a knife, and I couldn't kill anything with it. They just kept coming back up, no matter how many hits I gave them. I ran off as far as I could... and ended up here.
  • Patrick: I, frankly, don't know who I am anymore. I just abandoned my gang and ran off to kill those two zombies unarmed. One moment I'm normal, and then, I have spells like that. I think I'm going crazy.
  • Mr. Krabs: I went crazy a long time ago. Alcohol has already destroyed my life and personality... what else is there to destroy?
  • (The zombie raises its arm to get back up, and just as Mr. Krabs aims the knife to strike again, Patrick grabs him on the arm and runs back to the gang with him. The zombies are confused by the sight of the two running, and stumble away. Slowing down due to exhaustion, the two begin to jog through the expanse of the small desert area instead of running. They finally come across the rest of the gang, who seem displeased at the presence of Mr. Krabs.)
  • Squidward: Oh look, the Master of Misdirection has brought back Mr. Krabs, of all people... (he sighs)
  • Sandy: I see you didn't kill the zombie. And, seriously, will having a depressed, sexist alcoholic on board really help relieve our tension?
  • SpongeBob: I normally wouldn't say this to someone who's been there for me my whole life, but, my God, you've outdone yourself in stupidity this time. First you ditch and insult us, then you fail to do what you promised to do, then... (he points to Mr. Krabs) Is there anyone who actually likes him, after all he's done?
  • (Patrick breaks down in tears as the group continue to bring him down.)
  • Patrick: Is... picking at every flawed decision of... a man who's just snapped... r-r-really the right thing to do? I... I admit I shouldn't have... attempted to kill those zombies... or insulted you... but everyone deserves a second chance, Mr. Krabs included. You guys are relatively untroubled and sane, but I just... couldn't handle the abrupt change... in lifestyle, so I pretended that... ev-everything was alright... which broke me... turned me into this thing.
  • SpongeBob: I apologize for the outburst, and I'm pretty sure Sandy and Squidward feel the same. It's just we don't appreciate someone making our path even more troublesome, and potentially leading us to our deaths. And, Mr. Krabs... I'm sure that everyone's had some sort of bad experience involving him. I'm undecided on whether he should stay with us permanently, but we'll take him in until he tries something fishy.
  • Sandy: I second that plan, but to further prevent any of his... erm, incidents, we should all stay sober. Honestly, if we pack even the most well-hidden bottle of alcohol, Mr. Krabs will find it, and he will drink it.
  • Patrick: Meh, I've got no problems with that, judging that I swore sobriety a long time ago. I don't actually have a problem with Mr. Krabs, he seems to be quite a nice guy underneath his extensive lust and alcoholism. Recently, we've had many a friendly discussion together.
  • Squidward: Maybe we could keep him with us until we find a hospitable, populated shelter for him to live. I mean, it would be despicable and deplorable if we left him for dead, but, excluding Patrick, no-one can stand the guy. I think he'd be in better hands somewhere else, for his and our sake. Is that okay, Krabs?
  • Mr. Krabs: O-okay. But is there really a chance of there being a hospitable, populated shelter among all this rubble?
  • SpongeBob: Hmmm... it could be so.
  • Squidward: Think about it, in practically every single zombie movie, there's some sort of shelter for the protagonists to hide in, which keeps them safe from the zombie horde. There are many places in Bikini Bottom which could be utilized for this purpose. Something fortified, very tall, or underground would do.
  • Sandy: What the hell are we waiting for? Let's go find ourselves a shelter, before Mr. Krabs tries anything out.
  • Squidward: Okay. Patrick, you're on watch again. Tell us if you see anything that we could potentially use.
  • Patrick: Sounds like a plan. (He squints into the distance, as the gang keep walking on.)
  • SpongeBob: Have you spotted anything yet?
  • Patrick: I'm being as vigilant as possible, but so far nothing of importance is in my line of sight.
  • (The scene shifts to time-lapse format, showing the characters walking and searching at a much more accelerated speed. As the scene quickens to an even greater speed, it suddenly stops and returns to real time.)
  • Patrick: Possible shelter detected. Should we go and investigate?
  • (The camera moves a bit further to show a hole in the ground, with what looks like spikes and barricades dotted artfully around it.)
  • Squidward: It doesn't look too promising, or too much like a shelter even. Last time I checked, a shelter was a structure or building that provides cover from weather or protection against danger, not a hole with a few spears around it.
  • Patrick: I don't think the spears would be put together in such a delicate and intricate pattern if that hole had no purpose. Even if you are correct and the hole serves no obvious purpose, we should still examine it.
  • Squidward: I don't expect to find anything, yet I agree that we should still inspect.
  • (The five walk towards the hole, Mr. Krabs reluctantly and questioningly trudging behind, with Squidward not too far forward. Patrick, who is at the front of the line, stops next to the hole. The camera pans around it, showcasing bloodstained spikes, poles, spears, saw blades and bear traps above lines of butchered zombies.)
  • Sandy: So many zombies... there wouldn't be so many dead ones here unless they smelled people down there. Let's advance down that hole, but we should remain extra-careful, lest we end up like that sorry sucker. (She points to a zombie laying in pieces on the blood-covered ground, next to a running propeller embedded in the sand. Sandy carefully climbs down the hole, shocked to see a professional-looking staircase going straight down the width of the excavation.) Everybody, come down. The way is safe.
  • (The remaining four in the gang walk down the stairway with Sandy, to find a door next to a bear trap. Just as Patrick is about to tread on it, Sandy bends down, deactivates it, and cautiously opens the door, awaiting more deadly traps. In single-file, they walk in with Sandy in the lead, and Squidward at the back.)
  • SpongeBob: Hello? (His voice echoes around the vast expanse of the shelter, and is answered by a hooded figure.)
  • Hooded Figure: Welcome. (an unnerving silence sounds after he says this)
  • Mr. Krabs: I'm just asking... is this place actually a zombie shelter, or have we walked into a trap?
  • Patrick: (whispering) Shhh... don't ask that!
  • Hooded Figure: Many visitors to this abode ask the very same question, and the answer is, yes, this is a shelter for survivors to relax without fear of being attacked by the infected. We have many facilities, such as scientific and medical centers, a lounge, hotel-style rooms for two to four people to share, a dining room, a s-
  • Squidward: Actually, we didn't come for those purposes. We came to drop him off. (he points to Mr. Krabs, who makes a weak smile).
  • SpongeBob: No, Squidward. We'll be much safer here; whereas our initial goal was to find a place for Mr. Krabs to live, I believe that living here will benefit us too. Do you want a social, luxury life, or a life out in the open, being chased by zombies?
  • Squidward: I partly agree with you, SpongeBob. It's just that you don't get hailed as a hero if you stay in a shelter all your life.
  • Hooded Figure: Leaving here is almost a death penalty, for the smell of life around here attracts many infected, some of who you can see on our shelter's... exterior. Unless you're expertly trained on how to kill a zombie, and have smarts and a half-decent weapon, you don't stand a goddamn chance.
  • Sandy: Smarts, check. Expert training, nuh-uh. Weapon, nope. Yeah, Squidward, this would be a better place for all of us.
  • SpongeBob: Plus, with all the facilities provided for us, by the end of our stay, we'll most likely have the necessary equipment and tutelage to fight zombies. Don't see this as a punishment, see it as an opportunity.
  • Squidward: I'll leave whenever I want to, but you can do what you want to do, I'm not stopping you. Just know that I'll be a hero before you.