Topher irl
User information
Real name: Chris
Birthday: July 31
Gender: Male
Species: Gopher
Residence: Missouri
Other names: Topher, Toph, Rodent
Personality: Friendly, smart, quirky, (somewhat) level-headed
Achievement: Best Rodent
Occupation: Student
Friends: If you're nice, you're Toph's friend
Relationship: Esa6426
Current spin offs: Static

TopherGopher is an administrator on SpongeBob Fanon Wiki.

Topher is noted for his work on his spin off SpongeKid Adventures and his work-in-progress story Galaxies.



  • SpongeKid Adventures - creator, director, writer
  • Galaxies - creator, director, writer


  • SpongeKid Adventures - SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Galaxies - Patrick Star

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